No Judgement,

No Alphas.

Just Family, & Results.



The single most important thing to all of us at Mighty Maestro is - what can we do to help you succeed? We have some of the best trainers you'll find, we won't lie about that. But we won't lie if there is someone better suited for your specific goals either. Through a long career (that includes holding three black belts, being an expert level kickboxer, a bodybuilding competitor, a national competition wrestler, a city champion in Sport MMA, and holding multiple personal and group training certifications and accolades including complex core) the Maestro has made countless friends throughout the fitness and martial arts community in Ottawa. To the Maestro, and to the rest of us here, this city is a community of professionals looking to help people be as happy as can be both physically and mentally. So if we can give you the best training, specific to you - that's awesome! But if there is another pro in Ottawa who would fit you better, we will tell you so! We're happy to act as the middle man between you and your fitness goals if need be. This city is brimming with opportunity for people who want to get fit - so let us help you take advantage of it and start your journey to success!